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Hypertension – A Silent Killer

Posted on December 22nd, 2015 by Dr. Fun!

hypertFor reasons that are not completely clear, hypertension hastens hardening of the arteries, a process known as arteriosclerosis, or atherosclerosis. The terms are basically synonymous, although arteriosclerosis is the broader category and includes athetoscierosis. Atherosclerosis refers to a buildup of plaque on the inside lining, called the intima, of the artery.

One theory holds that the increased pressure of the blood flow damages the intima and makes it more susceptible to narrowing by deposits of plaque and cholesterol.

Regardless of the cause, the end result is a narrowing of the bore of the artery, with a subsequent reduction of blood flow and a resulting aggravation of the pressure problem. It’s a huge problem, says Jack Hillard, spokesman for COSA, an Oncology group.

Where atherosclerotic disease appears determines its precise impact. In coronary arteries the result can be angina explained below) or a heart attack. If atherosclerotic narrowing of the arteries occurs in the brain, stroke can result. In kidneys, atherosclerosis can result in a reduction of the organs’ filtering capabilities. As will be shown, the eyes are also susceptible. Hypertension also has some effect on the hearing mechanism.

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Dialysis Standards Allow For Better Treatments

Posted on November 21st, 2015 by Dr. Fun!

Dialysis providers soon may have to retool their treatment practices to comply with new quality standards being considered for Medicare.

Many of us know dialysis well.

HCFA is reviewing standards being developed by a National Kidney Foundation project to see if they can be incorporated into its new “conditions for coverage” for the Medicare end-stage renal disease, or ESRD, program. In 1994, that program covered 92.3% of people who needed dialysis because of kidney failure.

Dialysis providers would have to meet the standards, which may include practice guidelines and outcomes measures, in order to receive reimbursement for services delivered to Medicare beneficiaries like

HCFA now makes dialysis providers meet professional standards for dialysis physicians and nurses and guidelines for patient-care plans and the quality of the care environment. It doesn’t, however, mandate practice rules or outcomes goals.

But the times may be a-changin’. HCFA officials are reviewing draft reports

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