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Hypertension – A Silent Killer

Posted on December 22nd, 2015 by Dr. Fun!

hypertFor reasons that are not completely clear, hypertension hastens hardening of the arteries, a process known as arteriosclerosis, or atherosclerosis. The terms are basically synonymous, although arteriosclerosis is the broader category and includes athetoscierosis. Atherosclerosis refers to a buildup of plaque on the inside lining, called the intima, of the artery.

One theory holds that the increased pressure of the blood flow damages the intima and makes it more susceptible to narrowing by deposits of plaque and cholesterol.

Regardless of the cause, the end result is a narrowing of the bore of the artery, with a subsequent reduction of blood flow and a resulting aggravation of the pressure problem. It’s a huge problem, says Jack Hillard, spokesman for COSA, an Oncology group.

Where atherosclerotic disease appears determines its precise impact. In coronary arteries the result can be angina explained below) or a heart attack. If atherosclerotic narrowing of the arteries occurs in the brain, stroke can result. In kidneys, atherosclerosis can result in a reduction of the organs’ filtering capabilities. As will be shown, the eyes are also susceptible. Hypertension also has some effect on the hearing mechanism.


Electronic Document Distribution Takes Hold

Posted on December 15th, 2015 by Dr. Fun!

eddPaper, still the most prevalent means of communication in business use today, is not always the most effective way to share information across an enterprise, and it is certainly not the most friendly to the environment.

Electronic document distribution is quickly becoming the fastest, most cost-effective and environmentally friendly means of business communication, both within and between businesses and public sector organizations such as the city of Mayaguez, Puerto Rico.

The workgroup concept has also been instrumental in bringing electronic document distribution to business offices. To be productive, teams of workers need to share information in a timely manner. Groupware can facilitate the rapid flow of information among business teams: a sales representative distributing purchase orders; a manager sending out an interesting magazine story; an engineer sending a drawing; or, a co-worker distributing a map to an off-site meeting location.

Although the electronic communications market …

Role Of Medication In Panic Treatment

Posted on December 15th, 2015 by Dr. Fun!

images6There are very many effective methods at hand to stop panic attacks and it is up to the doctor to choose the most appropriate method for you having made very many professional considerations. There will always an effective method to stop panic attacks that will be friendly to your body and there will be mini more side effects or even none. This is why it is important to act as the doctor states and stick to the treatment plan to stop panic attacks. It is important to mention that there are alternative medications like the nerve tonic that have fewer side effects on your body.

It is important to note that the medication is only used to complement the cognitive behavioral therapy. The drugs are not the best solution to stop panic attacks. As noted earlier, expert advice is important before making any decision …

Practical Remedies For Snoring And Sleep Apnea

Posted on December 2nd, 2015 by Dr. Fun!

Snoring is one problem that people suffer during sleeping hours. For many years, many people are unaware that they are snoring. Sleeping with a partner is really where people begin to understand they need to stop snoring. Most people do not realize they are snoring when they are in deep sleep. Nowadays people have discovered various practical remedies for snoring.

How to stop snoring is a question on many sleeper's minds.

How to stop snoring is a question on many sleeper’s minds.

One of the most effective remedies for snoring is practicing a new sleeping position. Side lying position is the most recommended position that allows clear passage of airflow. On the other hand, sleeping on the back allows opening of mouth while sleeping. This action often creates vibrating sounds. Clear your nasal passages. Keeping clean and clear nasal passages allow people to have a smooth passage of air.

Nasal sprays sold in the shops may be used. Change your pillows every six months. Dust inside your room and allergens in your pillows can cause allergic reactions that lead to snoring. Consider a mouthpiece, like the ZQuiet, as an example. A specially designed pillow may also be used. Restrict your pets from entering your room. Elevate your head using numerous pillows to minimize blockage of airway. However, this position can cause neck pain. Drink plenty of fluids daily. Nose secretions become sticky when dehydrated thus, creating snoring.

These practical remedies for snoring are proven to be effective. What’s more interesting is that there are actually a lot of devices available to prevent snoring.

Snoring is a problem (more…)

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