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The Truth Is, Diets Only Work When Exercise Accompanies Them

Posted on November 20th, 2015 by Dr. Fun!

diets “30 Days to Thinner Thighs Without Exercise”

“Attain Perfect Health on Bee Pollen Diet”

“Lose 25 Pounds Without Dieting”

“Look Like Sylvester Stallone Without Lifting a Single Set of Weights”

It is hard not to get caught up in the excitement. Imagine having the body of a famous model or your favorite sports hero without even trying. Just take “their” product and you are on your way!

Wait a minute. It’s time for a reality check. Like it or not, a great-looking, healthy body cannot be bought at the store. You have to “make” it yourself.

Where Do I Begin?

Unfortunately, the above claims will only lighten your wallet, not your body. So where do you begin? Diet and exercise are the way to go. In addition to eating low-fat, well-balanced meals from the five major food groups, exercise should be a large part of your healthy lifestyle. Two excellent forms of exercise that can be easily incorporated into your fitness routine are walking and running.

You may be thinking to yourself, “Walking? That’s not real exercise!” Not true, claim the experts. In fact, walking is rated as one of the best exercises. It is inexpensive. You need no special equipment. It is practically injury-free, and anyone can do it.

Running (or, as fitness experts Bob Glover and Jack Shepherd call it, “walking at a fast pace”) is also a fine aerobic (using oxygen) exercise. In fact, the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports ranked running as the number-one fitness exercise.

Part of Your Workout

Walking is a great exercise. You can use it as a warm-up or cool-down to your workout. You may decide to practice running at the peak of your workout, when you work your heart the hardest. Another good idea is to begin your workout with a slow walk. As you progress, pick up speed until you are running at a steady, even pace. As the end of your workout draws near, slow your pace gradually until you are walking again.

As you know from experience, almost all sports require walking or running, or a combination of both. In order to get a strike in bowling, you must first walk down the alley. If you want to score a home run in baseball, you need to run the bases. In tennis, you have to either walk or run to meet and hit the ball back over the net. Regular walking and running will improve all your other fitness activities. Regular practice of fitness activities (whether you play a team sport or ski) will improve your walking and running ability.

A Rundown of Benefits

The good news is, walking and running are great for both your mental and physical well-being. And they both provide many physical benefits. Having trouble getting to sleep at night? Try walking or running during the day and enjoy a good night’s sleep. Walking and running also aid in digestion, which in turn keeps that system going strong.

While you may not be concerned at this time of your life, walking and running can cut your risk of heart disease by almost 30 percent. This means that regular walking or running (or both) now can add years to your life.

* Boosts energy. You may think, “I can’t exercise now, I’m too tired.” Well, if you can just motivate yourself to start exercising, you’ll find something strange begin to happen. You actually gain energy. Instead of using all your energy on a walk or run, you actually receive an energy boost. Most people would agree that they feel better–more alive–after exercise.

* Reduces stress. What do walking and running have to do with stress? See for yourself. The next time the pressure gets to be too much and you feel as if you’re going to explode, pound the pavement. Get rid of your tensions with each step you take. You’ll be more productive after the walk or run and reduce your stress level.

& Helps you keep trim. Want to lose weight? Maintain your current weight? Walking and/or running may be the answer you’ve been looking for. On the average, you burn between 5 to 7 calories a minute when you walk and 10 to 12 calories a minute when you run. That translates into 300 to 400 calories burned walking for an hour; 600 to 720 calories burned running for an hour. Since there are 3,500 calories to a pound, it takes only five to six hours of running to burn off one entire pound. If you run for half an hour every day, you’re likely to lose weight without cutting back on the amount of food you presently eat.

Feet First

Better physical and mental health, energy enhancement, and weight and stress reduction all are benefits from your feet to you. Most important, both walking and running are fun. If you don’t participate already, doesn’t it make sense to start today?

2 Responses to "The Truth Is, Diets Only Work When Exercise Accompanies Them"

  1. It is easier for me to limit my intake or make good choices of what I eat than do regular exercise. I am usually too lazy to exercise and I notice this is making my diet inefficient. I really need motivation here!

  2. Diet and exercise are really the key to staying fit and protected from health disorders. But just to ensure that everything will fall into place, do not forget to talk to your doctor before you start dieting and exercising.

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