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Role Of Medication In Panic Treatment

Posted on December 15th, 2015 by Dr. Fun!

images6There are very many effective methods at hand to stop panic attacks and it is up to the doctor to choose the most appropriate method for you having made very many professional considerations. There will always an effective method to stop panic attacks that will be friendly to your body and there will be mini more side effects or even none. This is why it is important to act as the doctor states and stick to the treatment plan to stop panic attacks. It is important to mention that there are alternative medications like the nerve tonic that have fewer side effects on your body.

It is important to note that the medication is only used to complement the cognitive behavioral therapy. The drugs are not the best solution to stop panic attacks. As noted earlier, expert advice is important before making any decision for you can make a decision and it may turn back on you for it may have very negative effects on your health and the problem may also persist. You can only stop panic attacks if you consult an expert as well as stick to the treatment plan that you will be subjected to up to the very end and complete cure.

Panic Attacks And Their Effects

There are certain events and occurrences in life that may trigger a panic attack mostly depending on how you view a situation. But when you feel that it is getting way overboard and you don’t know how to handle it, then you are at risk of experiencing a panic attack. Once you are experiencing it, the one thing that you need to put into your mind is stop panic attacks.

images (7)You may ask why you should stop panic attacks. It is because when this happens to you, you might possibly lose yourself and do something that you would regret in the end. If not, your body will initiate a fight or flight response in which your sympathetic nervous system will be stimulated. In layman’s terms, your adrenaline will kick in. Yeah, a little bit of adrenaline is healthy but when it is too much, your body will suffer the consequences. One symptom may be hyperventilating. This is a feeling wherein you feel that you cannot breathe and you are gasping for air. Doing this can actually tear your heart and if you have a history of heart disease, then it will be a big problem. Though these triggering events are out of hands, the best way to stop panic attacks is by preventing them from happening.

Symptoms To Watch Out For If You Are To Stop Panic Attacks

When you have these attacks, you no doubt have the urge to stop them from taking over your life. However, for you to be able to take the necessary measures to stop panic attacks, you ought to fully understand the symptoms that will show you that you are about to have an attack. Usually, these symptoms will build up for a given duration and come to the peak after about 10 minutes. The attack can usually last about thirty minutes. When you experience an attack, you are likely to feel shortness of breath. Sometimes this is referred to as hyperventilation.

Some people will also experience palpitations of the heart. Mainly this is associated with the anxiety that people go through during the attack. Also, the chest is likely to feel congested. The chest is likely to feel constricted so that some people report feeling some degree of pain here. The throat gets to feel as though you are choking and others say that they feel nauseous. When they feel nausea, people experiencing an attack are also likely to feel as though they have a tingly sensation. The most feared symptom is that of shortness of breath. It makes it a really painful ordeal and it is one of the prime reasons that people give for wanting to stop panic attacks.

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