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Hypertension – A Silent Killer

Posted on December 22nd, 2015 by Dr. Fun!

hypertFor reasons that are not completely clear, hypertension hastens hardening of the arteries, a process known as arteriosclerosis, or atherosclerosis. The terms are basically synonymous, although arteriosclerosis is the broader category and includes athetoscierosis. Atherosclerosis refers to a buildup of plaque on the inside lining, called the intima, of the artery.

One theory holds that the increased pressure of the blood flow damages the intima and makes it more susceptible to narrowing by deposits of plaque and cholesterol.

Regardless of the cause, the end result is a narrowing of the bore of the artery, with a subsequent reduction of blood flow and a resulting aggravation of the pressure problem. It’s a huge problem, says Jack Hillard, spokesman for COSA, an Oncology group.

Where atherosclerotic disease appears determines its precise impact. In coronary arteries the result can be angina explained below) or a heart attack. If atherosclerotic narrowing of the arteries occurs in the brain, stroke can result. In kidneys, atherosclerosis can result in a reduction of the organs’ filtering capabilities. As will be shown, the eyes are also susceptible. Hypertension also has some effect on the hearing mechanism.

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The Heart Disease Fandango And How Women Were Affected

Posted on November 26th, 2015 by Dr. Fun!

FEW FIELDS IN MEDICINE HAVE changed with the lightning speed of either sports medicine, or the key one: cardiology. In the not-so-distant past, doctors had only a stethoscope to listen to the beat and rhythm of a heart and make a diagnosis. Thirty years ago, though, everything changed: We learned how to thread catheters through blood vessels and take pictures of the heart while it was beating. As a result, we could watch the blood course from chamber to chamber, through the lungs, and to the rest of the body.

Take heart if you were misdiagnosed with Heart Disease. Many women were!

Take heart if you were misdiagnosed with Heart Disease. Many women were!

But every invasive procedure invites risks, and soon there was a call for safer techniques. Ultrasound, or echocardiography, in which sound waves are bounced off the heart, is one of the tools that have revolutionized the way we view the heart,

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